Summer Sunday Sunset

Sunset in Cali with Gigi

Summer in California is still going strong, at least here in the mountains. It’s “cooled” down from the triple digit temps but we’re still spending evenings in the puppy pool. Well, Gigi is.

Come sunset on Sunday, the weekend winding down, yoga done, edits in progress, we were happy campers spending time at home. It’s still smokey from the drifting haze of the Hume Lake fire, the land is still in the midst of devastating drought, the bear is still galavanting on our property in the evenings, but this little nook in California is home.

And I’m so grateful that it is.

Happy week everyone!

xo Isla


Nature…In Nature

We’ve had a bug man—whom we affectionately call Cowboy Bug Man given his long, long mustache and because he calls me “babe” and “sweetheart”—who has been tending to the abundance of creepy crawly things in and around the house. He tells us that, because we are in a major drought in California, and because we didn’t really experience much of a winter, the bugs are plentiful as frost, snow, and ice didn’t kill many of the crop off as usually would happen.

I explained this to Gigi so she would understand too. (Photo above)

Now, I don’t mind nature so much. In fact, I quite love it, especially after spending so many years living in cities like NY and SF where to go outside means to go out on the sidewalk where drunk frat boys dressed in santa costumes are passed out from the night before (true story).

And while sleeping drunken santas might be easier to deal with than spiders that descend from the ceiling a foot from my face Mission Impossible style, I still love living in the mountains of California.

Of course, that love is tested when, for example, over the weekend, the animals caught a lizard (or baby snake…couldn’t tell from it’s wiggling place in the cat’s mouth) and tried to bring it inside like a prize, my pup cornered several spiders, and…yep…just now I had to stop typing to go smash two plump carpenter ants.

It took a sturdy glass of scotch to wash away the heebie jeebies in order to sleep. (Photo #2 above)

By the way, we’ve just finished remodeling the home so it’s not like these bugs have been in the shadowy crevices for decades. I’ve only spent 3 nights in the new place!! I I should buy more bottles of scotch…

At the end of the day, when I have scotch in hand, I like nature. When it’s IN NATURE. Not in my house. 🙂

Happy Monday. May it be bug free.