Villa Blue

Just got this fun 360 view of the upcoming Villa Blue! (pre-order avail now, on sale 3/22/16) #SuperGeek 🙂

xo Isla


One Winter Night

Winter Heat 8 FINAL

Need a fast and sexy read for the holidays? One Winter Night is now available!

Winter Heat 8 FINAL During a New England snowstorm, spirited single mom Emerson Brown is stuck in the castle of elusive billionaire Liam Wyatt and she’s less than happy to discover he sent for her under sneaky pretenses. The one-night stand they’d shared years earlier, full of spontaneous adventure and seductive passion, has stuck…

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Backward cover reveal! It’s not really backward…but I think I’ll attempt to write my next book backward and see how far I get. Probably all the way to the end. (ha-ha) Will post a non-backward, non-photobooth cover reveal pic soon. Just couldn’t help myself. 🙂