Back in My Mountains

The back and forth from SF to the mountains generally keeps things interesting. My lil pup and I just returned from the city and had a great time, save for the trip to the dentist. (But I actually like my dentist so, ok, I’ll deal.)

While in SF, Gigi got to walk on leash for the first time in the city. She did amazingly well amid the various loud honks and engine rumbles. She eventually clamored to go faster! Faster! My little 4-month old adventurer.

We arrived to lovely weather and departed on an equally sunny day but in the middle, during our stay, we experienced pounding rain while sitting outside the fantastic pub, Liverpool Lil’s. Beer was enjoyed by the humans while sticks and leaves were enjoyed by Gigi (pic above). Quite lovely, though chilly, the scent of nearby eucalyptus trees refreshed the air as it does. Love that smell. The Bay Area in California is the only place I’ve been to in the world where that refreshing and earthy smell just permeates.

As usual, I itched to write while gone. I am definitely one who thrives when creating, putting my imagination to work. Without it, without that feeling of creation and productivity, my energy dips and the inner doldrums take over (I say, ever so dramatically). So I’m back in the mountains, writing with my pup snuggled at my feet.

Happy weekend to all.

xxo Isla