My Mother

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Mom & Me

Some people provide us with life (my mom), some people provide us with a laughter so lovely (my mom) and a shoulder so ready to receive a good cry (my mom). Some people provide a haven for a person to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually (my mom.)

My mom is a beautiful being who declared while in college that she was going to work in education. She became a teacher, a special ed teacher for severely handicapped children, then a principal, then the only female school superintendent in California (at that time), then, after retiring, was elected to the local school board.

My mom has had a strong intention to work in education–to give her intelligence, her compassion, her love, to educate children. This has always been what she has navigated toward, and she has done so without bold stripes or loud declarations. My mom simply lives the life she wants to live, goes in the direction that aligns with what matters most to her, and all else gets very little attention (like negativity or naysayers). Again, she does not do this starkly or with blatant abandon, but rather with subtle confidence and striking self-reliance which is visible if you’re lucky enough to witness it, and astute enough to pay attention to it.

My mom taught me to honor my inner compass, to live compassionately and confidently. She is my best friend. She is beautiful inside and out and I am so grateful to be her daughter.

Happy Mother’s Day. Cheers to all of you who live life according to your intention, your inner compass, even on days when it’s difficult and/or you face opposition–whether from others or within your mind.

xo Isla


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