We love to celebrate, my family and I. My creative and composed mother (Stella!) wears green on St. Patrick’s Day, puts out fall decorations when the seasons change, and instilled in us the tradition to eat dessert first on birthdays.

If you don’t do that with your families already, you probably should start. Highly recommended.

So yesterday I put in a solid six hours of writing then dove into brownie making. Let me just say, I’m not actually much of a dessert person–I’d rather eat sourdough toast with melty butter than a piece of cake–but the chocolate batter smelled decadently delicious.

Once the brownies were made–and mom and I had one for lunch, obviously–we made an early dinner of steak, crash hot potatoes, and lettuce wedge salad with blue cheese dressing. So we had a low-key family dinner early in the day, with a nice Syrah a family friend brought over.

Then a few friends/neighbors popped by for brownie sundaes–yep, second brownie for mom and I–and wine and conversation.

A fun homemade card from a dear family friend
A fun homemade card from a dear family friend

The air was cooler, finally feeling more like autumn and less like a hot, hazy summer. Smoke still rims the horizon of mountains around us but for mom’s birthday it cleared and cooled enough for us to take a collective breath of fresh air. Ahhhh. It’s almost time for those autumn decorations. (For mom’s place, not mine. I’m too much of a decor minimalist to acquire seasonal decorations but I adore them at mom’s. In fact if I don’t see the harvest-y stuff come out soon, I’ll be inquiring.)

Oh, and an opossum made an appearance and puppy alerted all of us. Their eyes met through the glass of the french doors and they gave each other a solid greeting/stare-down. Good puppy. Loves nature.

All in all, a lovely evening spent celebrating mom. 🙂

xo Isla


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