Hazy Horizon, Snazzy Couch, & Sassy Soap

The hazy line of the horizon continues, providing smokey air and gorgeous sunsets. And while we continue with short walks and indoor activities due to the fire in a nearby county, it was a good weekend all in all.

Worked half days both Saturday and Sunday on current work-in-progress, did afternoon puppy walks then yoga alongside videos, and enjoyed wine on the terrace in the early evening.

The light is changing–darker earlier in the day–and leaves have begun to fall from their trees. The air is tinged with a bit of coolness (anything below 100 degrees is cool air to me after this summer), and I’m giddy about the approaching turn of seasons. It’s been a long hot summer–a LONG, HOT summer in California–and I’m very ready for autumn.

Gigi enjoyed our snazzy new couch–an incredible gift from my mom to me and my little lovebug. And dad and his new bride brought me back gifts from their honeymoon in Hawaii. Adoring this bar of locally-sourced lemon soap. To say I love my family would be an understatement. (Even if they didn’t spoil us with couches and soap.)

IMG_6930 2
Gigi claiming dibs on the chaise part of the new couch
Filthy Soap
Swanky lemon bath bar

A good weekend, now I’m looking forward to a good solid week of work.

Thank you, as always, to our firefighters.

xo Isla



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