Purpose Within Possibility

The weekend was a combination of lazy reading (My Paris Dream by Kate Betts–terrific read), venturing into the realm of making fresh pasta for my mom and stepdad, and deciding which art pieces to hang where in my newly renovated place lovingly named the Pied-a-terre.

The Pied-a-terre features a clean contemporary/industrial vibe and I love it. The funny part is that I’ve chosen white for the walls, including the fantastically expansive brick wall, and I’m not ready to introduce color yet, save for a few green leafy plants already in place. I don’t really know why that is.

I think perhaps I’m savoring that special space of newness, that sliver of calm before color, that time between what was and what will be.

Some people may see the “lack” of color and view it as undecorated or plain. Not me. I see the purpose within the possibility. For now. I’m sure by next weekend I will have hung some paintings on the walls and be happy with them. Maybe I’ll frame this pic of my pup and my mom which I adore in all its B&W glory.

For now, I’ll enjoy it for what it is.

Bonne Journee,

xo Isla


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