Tahoe ~ Travelogue #2 ~ 2014

Fresh vegetables from our family friends’ garden were cooked to delicious perfection for our summer meal. Eggplant, fresh kale and tomato salad, pasta with basil, all incredible and picked from the perky garden that morning. Nothing like it! We gathered around the table on their deck in Carson City, Nevada—dogs running around the expansive lawn playing with a slobbery ball, the humans chatting and laughing and telling stories of travels and coincidences while traveling. (Funny how many people have experiences running into people they know while in distant locations. Love the way the world works.) 

Wine passed around to accompany the meal—a lovely red I wish I remembered the name of. Eventually the sun set and dessert was delivered in the form of a homemade raspberry tart with coffee (decaf, thank you!). 

My stepsis and I entertain the dogs for a little while longer (or they entertain us?) then it’s time to head back to Tahoe house. Dark roads and satisfied bellies, we’re all happily content. 

Slept soundly until Gigi puppy woke me just before dawn—again excited for another day in Tahoe. Of course now she owns the place so she wandered around, sneaking in bedrooms and doing her best to make sure everyone is up and starting the day! It’s apparently her job and she is very, very good at it. She loves people, animals, nature, and mornings. LOVES mornings, which makes me love mornings. A whole lotta morning love. 

Routine now, I pour a cup of coffee and wander out for a walk with her. Sights and sounds of other neighborhoods are fun to explore. We’re learning the ropes—this house has a huge mastiff that woofs from his stance in the window, that house has incredible birds of paradise, and over there a home with an incredible man-made rock-lined gutter for water overflow that looks more like an artistically designed creek. 

I work for awhile as everyone continues talking about books, ideas, philosophies. My stepdad, a minister, discusses the topic of his next talk and everyone dives in with perspectives. I listen from the periphery as I type away. 

Then, sadly, we must depart. We say our goodbye-for-nows, give hugs and smiles and gratitude, then off we go. 

A terrific (quick) trip and exactly right. 

xo Isla


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