Travelogue ~ Tahoe #1

Tahoe ~ Travelogue 2014

Quick family trip to Tahoe this year to celebrate my mom and stepfather’s anniversary. Packed up the car, drove through triple-digit temps with the air con cranked to cool us down, and arrived ready to relax and chat with my stepsister who has a home in Tahoe.

We get a tour of the home– first time we’ve all ventured for the visit. It’s lovely and surrounded by tall pines and shimmering aspen trees. We all collapse on her modern and cozy wavy couch that basically cradles you like a cup. Wonderful. And a glass of wine is in order so we pour and pass around.

All satisfied and sipping our wine, my stepsis makes us her fabulous risotto (she’s an incredible chef–we are all so lucky), and we laugh and exchange thoughts and stories and general silliness until it’s time to retreat to our various rooms for a snooze.

Gigi puppy sleeps snuggled into me and wakes me at 4:30am so excited to look out the window at the new mountainous surroundings–especially the chipmunks and rabbits. I can’t blame her, but I do my best to snuggle her back to sleep. At least until the sun rises.

Once it finally does, I take Gigi for a quick walk through the neighborhood of incredible homes–all beautiful rock and wood–with coffee in one hand and her leash in the other. Then I work until the afternoon while the family plays. After I finish for the day, I join for the fun and we head out for mexican food. Margaritas and pina coladas make us all feel like we’re truly on vacation. We all crack up over hilarious little things. We are basically the Griswolds when we travel together.

Next we head for the beach where Gigi can play in the lake, run around in the sand, largely get wet and dirty and happy. “It’s just a really short, tiny walk, just on the other side of those trees,” my stepsis says. A mile later. “It’s really close. See that bush? It’s just on the other side of that.”

Gigi and I amuse ourselves by investigating the wildlife. She’s particularly fond of the buzzing bumblebees, and I admire the huge dandelions.

We reach the water as if it’s a mirage, all of us hot and ready for the cool water, but the drought has been so severe, you can walk about a quarter mile out into the water and it’s still only up to your shins. So bizarre. People everywhere look like they’re walking on water. Sci-fi summer, complete with gathering storm clouds that look like sculptures in the sky.

We find the least slimy/murky area and at least get our feet wet then trek back, a long long long way, to the car. Just as we reach our sanity (and bottles of water), the first spear of lightening stabs at a mountaintop. T-storms!

There is just something lovely about summer thunderstorms. Dramatic sounds–lightening cracking, thunder growling, rain pounding. Love it. We get home just in time to enjoy them. Gigi isn’t at all bothered by the thunder. Instead she just looks outside, observing the show. Little lovebug.

More to come ~ venturing to Carson City to see family friends and enjoy dinner.

xo Isla

(Picture– clockwise from top: 1. Gigi on our long, long, long walk to the lake. 2. Me (left) and stepsis (right) enjoying our afternoon frozen beverages on the restaurant patio. Huge dandelion head. 4. pre-storm skies.)


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