LA Travelogue, Part 1

Ventured south to LA early in the day with Gigi puppy and her puppy nanny (aka my mom). Lovely blue sky, sunshine, bright green spring fields. Perky pistachio trees, grapevines, huge oleander bushes, and lots of other plants and flowers led the way through the central valley of California. 

Arrived in time to check into hotel in Manhattan Beach–ground floor since we had puppy–and made our way through lots of ooo’s and aaa’s about Gigi’s cuteness. I don’t blame these people. I ooo and aaa daily. 🙂 

Left mom and Gigi and went to a meeting in Redondo Beach at a lovely home. Chatted for hours with two incredible women–forces to be reckoned with! Filled with appreciation to meet people contributing so positively to the planet, we sipped wine, exchanged ideas, and discussed ways to join forces. 

Back to the hotel then we head for dinner. Mom and I split an artichoke and spinach pizza–we seem a wee bit addicted to artichokes at the moment– and cheers with margaritas. 

Early to bed– feels good. We all settle, read on our iPads (Gigi should have one too), then snooze. 

LA Travelogue, Part 2

Woke at 4am with puppy. She went back to sleep while I edited another chapter of Work In Progress. Then she and I walked through the early morning–her happily traipsing through the dewy grass–to get coffee from nearby cafe. 

Out and on the road before 10am, we sighed into our drive along Pacific Coast Highway to Malibu (only got flipped off once–not entirely sure why but once isn’t bad considering it’s LA!), walked around the little shops at Cross Creek, tried to locate the Alexis Bittar store but to no avail. Breakfast burritos for us, ice water for Gigi who’d already eaten (oddly, each restaurant we visited on the trip served her ice water…go figure). 

From Malibu we drove through the Malibu Canyon to Calabasas. Paused for cappuccino and tarts in the sunshine amid gorgeous roses and water fountains at Le Pain Quotidien. The commons in Calabasas are beautiful!  Gigi gets more attention, of course, and enjoys the shaded table outside where a HUGE doberman, and little bitty dogs walk by. She’s entertained as usual. 

Drove along highway 99 at a good pace while mom and Gigi nodded off and I worked through some character development for next book. Driving is great for that. 

Home before dark. Unpacked, ate some dinner, checked my deck for animal remnants (bat poop) then let Gigi run around. We’re all happy to be home. 


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