Dara Visits From NY – Part 3


Dara’s last full day with us in the mountains. Bummer! But it’s been amazing, or as our inside joke says it—amEEzing—having her here.

Yesterday we all sought comfort spots in different parts of the house, creating our own little cozy habitats. Rain poured on and off outside, the California drought-laden land soaking it all up. The turkeys talked, the deer played, and the birds sang, all adding to the mountain experience for our NY visitor. I worked on a second draft of my WIP from my brightly lit room, Dara set up camp complete with warm blanket outside on the terrace and finished reading one book then started another. Gigi played and slept and played and slept and played some more. As puppies do. We decided on takeout for dinner—Japanese. Delicious, hot, and flavorful (yay soy and teriyaki sauce).

Today’s plan is to locate a couple of gifts for Dara to take home to people. Also more reading for her, editing for me, playing for Gigi. Likely more finding of silly faces on inanimate objects like hats (which of course makes us giggle).

Maybe make some grilled cheese with tomato inside and fried cheese on top as I made yesterday. Indulgent but perfect for a drizzly grey day.



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