Dara Visits From NY – Part 1

Dara is here! My good n’ fancy friend from my NY days is making her annual trek to come visit me. Each year the easter baskets get filled and we do celebrations and little gifts. This year we did a pair of casual flats–hers black, mine grey–along with little fluffy bunnies on a stick, miniature planters with seedlings–hers daises, mine sunflowers–and to top it all off, pints of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Lots of flavors to choose from, too many to name but my favorites were the Vanilla and some Chocolate Therapy sort of deal. Yum. 

We’re playing with Gigi puppy by day, giggling a lot, and all sleeping really really well by night. So much day-play, chat, stories, etc. Day before last we went to South Gate Brewery and sat outside munching on fried mushrooms with some sort of tasty dipping sauce. Dara and I returned home and drank beer from the growler she refilled while we sat out in the sun catching up with each others silly stories. 

Yesterday we went to Yosemite–fairly leisurely venture through the park. Sat outside the famed and lovely Ahwahnee Hotel where we each had a Widmer beer and Gigi lapped up ice water. So hot outside we all got some sun. (And saw a bobcat!)  

Fun first few days of adventures with Dara. 



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